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Curated for those who want a hassle-free outfit, this tonal blue look features classic pieces with intriguing elements that create a unique daily look suitable for both the office and going out, depending on how it's styled.

Cropped boxy mid-rise harem pants with an elastic waistband, side pockets, and a button and zipper closure.

Long-sleeved V-neck shirt with an asymmetric back slit. Please note that this piece does not have any stretch to it.

100% Handmade products.

Model is wearing size Small, or S/M
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Content: Polyester, Cotton
Care: Machine wash on cold (30ºC) with a mild detergent

Made to order, processing time is 15 working days
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Product information

SIZE XS US/Canada 2 UK 4 Europe 32 Australia 6 Japan 5
Bust: around 33 in/84 cm
Waist: around 26 in/66 cm
Hip: around 35.5 in/90 cm
Approx. height: 5'7"/170 cm

SIZE S US/Canada 4/6 UK 6/8 Europe 34/36 Australia 8/10 Japan 7/9
Bust: around 35 in/88 cm
Waist: around 28 in/70 cm
Hip: around 37 in/94 cm
Approx height: 5'7"/170 cm

SIZE M US/Canada 8/10 UK 10/12 Europe 38/40 Australia 12/14 Japan 11/13
Bust: around 36 in/92 cm
Waist:around 29 in/74 cm
Hip: around 39 in/98 cm
Approx height: 5'7"/170 cm

SIZE L US/Canada 12/14 UK 14/16 Europe 42/44 Australia 16/18 Japan 15/17
Bust: around 38 in/96 cm
Waist: around 31 in/78 cm
Hip: around 40 in/102 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

SIZE XL US/Canada 16/18 UK 18/20 Europe 46/48 Australia 20/22 Japan 19/21
Bust: around 39 in/100 cm
Waist: around 32 in/82cm
Hip: around 42 in/106 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

SIZE XXL US/Canada 18/20 UK 20/22 Europe 48/50 Australia 22/24 Japan 21/23
Bust: around 42.5 in/ 108cm
Waist: around 35.4 in/ 90cm
Hips: hips around 45 in/ 114cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

US/Canada 22/24 UK 24/26 Europe 52/54 Australia 26/28 Japan 25/27
Bust: around 45.5 in/116 cm
Waist: around 38.5 in/98 cm
Hips: around 48 in/122 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

Bust: around 49 in/124 cm
Waist: around 41.5 in/106 cm
Hips: around 51 in/130 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

Bust: around 52 in / 132 cm
Waist: around 45 in / 114 cm
Hips: around 54.5 in / 138 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

Bust: around 55 in / 140 cm
Waist: around 48 in / 122 cm
Hips: around 57.5 in / 146 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

Bust: around 58 in / 148 cm
Waist: around 51 in / 130 cm
Hips: around 60.5 in / 154 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm

Bust: around 61 in / 156 cm
Waist: around 54.5 in / 138 cm
Hips: around 64 in / 162 cm
Approx height: 5'7" - 5'9"/170 -175 cm


When taking these measurements, use a cloth tape measure, not a metal one. Make sure that, when you circle your chest, waist, or hips, the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose. Also measure yourself on your bare skin, not over clothes. And this may sound silly, but don’t trust your memory — be sure to write the measurements down!

CHEST: Measure the circumference of your chest. Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust, wrap it around (under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front) to get the measurement.

WAIST: Measure the circumference of your waist. Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.) Don’t suck in your stomach, or you’ll get a false measurement. If you generally wear your clothes below your waist, take that measurement as well.

HIPS: Measure the circumference of your hips. Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip, and back to where you started. Make sure the tape is over the largest part of your buttocks. Because making sure the tape is level back there can be hard, try to do it in front of a mirror.

UPPER ARM: Measure the circumference of your arm. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your upper arm from front to back and around to the start point.

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