Our Story


At CHELA we support local communities through our mission of helping  independent designers succeed.  We connect consumers who value high-quality products directly with local designers.

Our designers use local products and materials for a shorter, safer supply chain. All brands on CHELA support an open-door policy to guarantee transparency. You can visit factories to see how a beautiful dress is made, and we communicate this through our platform and social media.

As Valeria Green, CHELA's co-founder, says "I know from my own experience working in retail that there are so many unknown independent designers that deserve to be seen. The quality and craftsmanship of their products is incredible. I want to let creatives focus on what they do best create. We really give them the opportunity to reach new markets through CHELA. How do we do that? It’s really simple. First we build a catalog of designers and their products, then we share the stories and values so the consumer can make an informed decision of what makes these brands special and unique. I think quality, transparency and uniting people through fashion is at the core of everything we do at CHELA. Let's keep commerce human and support small businesses because they’re truly the heart and soul of sustainability."